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Apollo Project Software Now Shipping on All New Open DSKY Units

The Apollo Education Experience Project is proud to announce that S&T GeoTronics ( is now shipping all of their Open DSKY kits and assembled units with the custom Arduino code and audio clips created for the Project, along with a printed copy of the command reference manual. Marc Tessier of S&T GeoTronics made the announcement to Open DSKY backers on January 21, 2020.

This is the same software and audio selection made available last August to donors to the Apollo Education Experience Project through its GoFundMe campaign. It has nearly 50 functions accessible through combinations of 11 verbs, 17 nouns, and 9 progs, synchronized simulations of Apollo 11’s launch and lunar landing, and has an expanded selection of 15 audio clips for playback.

In the email announcement, Marc states, “with the Apollo 13 anniversary fast approaching, it’s worth noting that the new code includes the computer shutdown and restart sequences as seen in the movie ‘Apollo 13’ and audio of Apollo 13’s ‘Houston, we’ve had a problem’ transmission.”

To purchase an Open DSKY kit or a fully assembled and tested unit, visit to place an order. If you already own an Open DSKY unit, you can still receive the update by making a modest donation to the Project at .

2 thoughts on “Apollo Project Software Now Shipping on All New Open DSKY Units

  1. Hi- I have an S&T Geotronics Open DSKY unit, up and running the original 21dec2017 code. I see you had a great GoFundMe running with a more functional update but the campaign is closed. Is there still some way to make a modest donation and get access to the code? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Russ! I am looking at options to start receiving donations again, but don’t have any open at the moment. However, I did release the source code for the updated software that you can download, compile, and install on your OpenDSKY’s Arduino. You can find it on the Project’s Github at

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